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Ideas of Weekend activities with friends

Ideas of Weekend activities with friends

The blue sky and golden sunshine seem to cover a poetic color that makes the summer more cool. What weekend activities are suitable for fun with a group of friends? Follow Jamlos to find the answer through the article below!

1. Visit the Botanical Garden

The city named after President Ho Chi Minh is no longer an exotic place for people who grew up there.

The Botanical Garden (also known as the more well-known name Zoo) is a plant and animal conservation park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The eighth-oldest zoo in the world is this one. Situated in the heart of the city, this is an ideal place to hang out with friends on the weekends.

The Botanical Garden

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More than 1,300 animals from 125 species are currently being raised at the Saigon Zoo, many of which are rare species such the Crested argus, Pygathrix nemaeus, Nomascus gabriellae, Hyelaphus porcinus, Panthera pardus, and Pardofelis nebulosa,... Along with over 2,500 trees, this location preserves over 900 different plant species. 

The Botanical GardenThe Botanical Garden

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When you visit the Zoo, you may experience more than just seeing unique animals—you can also take in the crisp air and the shadow of verdant trees. The vegetation at the Zoo is constantly maintained to become the "green lungs" of the city, providing visitors with a setting near to nature and allowing animals to live in healthy surroundings.

Visitors come to the Botanical Garden

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When participating in weekend activities at the Zoo, families can bring their kids to play mild games or young people can experience thrilling adventure games. Together with your pals, you can enjoy yourself. These consist of roller coasters, railroads, and hot air balloons.

The Botanical Garden is a spot to store a lot of lovely pictures of families, dating couples, or close friends, and it has a cool, green scenery that exudes a sense of youth.

2. One day as a tourist around the city

Cycling around the streets is another enjoyable weekend activity that's great for doing with a group of friends and can also help with physical health.

Fast transit is selected as a way to adjust to work, study, and the hustle and bustle of urban life in the busy and hurried modern world. It might be easy to forget that happiness and joy can be found in the little things.

public cyclingpublic cycling

Put on athletic attire, bring a small bag such as a Buddy Cross or Camera CrossBag to hold a few necessities, and ride a bicycle with your closest friends to enjoy the sunshine and breeze of weekend activities.

Take a stroll through the city center and take in the stunning architecture, the busy wholesale stores, and the sounds of friends laughing together among the rushing traffic of people and cars. Spending a fantastic weekend with close friends is what this is.

have fun with buddieshave fun with buddies

3. "Let's go hide"

Sometimes all you need is to escape the hustle and bustle of contemporary cities and head back to the verdant countryside. The weariness of existence is softly embraced by rows of shade trees or by expansive views of heaven and earth. Now is the perfect time for weekend getaways that involve escaping the city and engaging in thrilling camping activities to get back to nature.

camping with friends


Carrying bags that can fit many belongings and walking around the tree-lined streets. Sunshine, warmth, food, and conversation with friends. Take in the refreshing, cool air after a long day of work.

camping with buddies

4. Workshop for creating candles

Attending a candle-making workshop with friends is a highly engaging weekend activity.  Take part in every stage of making a candle jar, from the beginning to the end.

For people who are enthusiastic about crafts and fragrances, here is a brand-new and distinctive area. From investigating your ideal fragrance to incorporating components to balance the aroma, hue, and consistency of the final product.

Candle-making workshopCandle-making workshop

The candle-making workshop does not require too many skills because someone will guide you through the different steps of the product. You will be immersed in the gentle atmosphere with faint scents, have fun with a group of friends, and chat a few times while practicing. In addition, after completion, you can give the finished product to the people you love or save it as a souvenir for yourself.

scented candle

Hopefully after looking at Jamlos' suggestions, you will have some interesting weekend activities with your close friends!