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5 tips for your carry-on luggage

5 tips for your carry-on luggage

1. Decoding Carry-On Luggage: Mastering Regulations for Domestic and International Travel

Understanding the intricacies of carry-on luggage is crucial for seamless air travel. Whether you're flying domestically or internationally, carry-on luggage encompasses the personal items passengers bring into the aircraft cabin. These are typically stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of the passenger.

Crucial Insights about Carry-On Luggage for Boarding

2. Key Considerations for Carry-On Luggage

Boarding a plane introduces the need to adhere to specific regulations regarding the weight and dimensions of your carry-on luggage. Staying compliant not only ensures a hassle-free journey but also avoids potential fees. Let's delve into the essential details of luggage regulations:

2.1. Carry-On Baggage Weight:

In Economy Class, your total carry-on weight should not exceed 12kg/26lb. This includes one carry-on bag not surpassing 10kg/22lb and one accessory.

For Premium Economy/Business Class, the combined weight must not surpass 18kg/40lb. This includes two pieces, each not exceeding 10kg/22lb, and one accessory.

2.2. Dimensions of Carry-On Bags:

Your carry-on bag's overall measurements should not exceed 115 cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm).

Regarding accessories, follow the measurements of no more than 40 cm by 30 cm by 15 cm.

Getting Around the Aircraft Hand Baggage Regulations

Cre: Vietnam Airlines

If you're already equipped with a carry-on suitcase, bringing it on board is permissible. Explore the versatility of standard-sized tote bags such as Everyday Summer M, Jeans Tote, SGHN Tote, and Buddy Tote.

3. Elevate Your Travel Experience with Jamlos: A Spotlight on Carry-On Bags

3.1. Canvas Tote Bags: Style Meets Practicality

Unleash your style with Jamlos's CANVAS BAG - EVERYDAY SUMMER TOTE.Discover urban chic with the Canvas BAG - BUDDY TOTE.

Embrace versatility with the CANVAS BAG - JEANS TOTE.Discover urban chic with the Canvas BAG - SGHN TOTE.

3.2. Laptop Travel Backpacks (City Backpack, Triple Backpack)

A laptop travel backpack is a type of backpack specifically designed to carry your laptop and other travel items while you travel. This is a popular choice for business travelers, students, or anyone who needs to carry a laptop and personal belongings when traveling or commuting every day. To optimize when traveling, you need to consider the protection features for your laptop such as material, size, and compartment. Jamlos suggests some laptop travel backpack models for you.


3.3. Compact crossbody bag (Pie Sling, Camera Cross, Buddy Cross)

When boarding the plane, you will have to remove flammable electronic devices from your checked baggage such as Airpods, power banks, and Kindle. Therefore, a compact crossbody bag will be a useful item in this case. A small bag with 1 large compartment and many small compartments to hold essential items for your trip. You can refer to 3 compact and lightweight crossbody bag models below from Jamlos.


3.4. Travel Bags (Travel Tote L)

A carry-on backpack is a type of bag designed to fit the size and carry-on baggage requirements of airlines. This allows you to carry this bag as hand luggage when you fly without having to put it in the luggage compartment used by passengers for free. The Everyday Travel Tote bag is a reasonable choice in this case. With a spacious main compartment and sturdy bottom lining, it can hold essential items when boarding the plane including clothes, laptops, electronic devices, toiletry bags...

You can bring carry-on luggage on the plane if you do not need a suitcase. Now let us look at some travel bags that Jamlos can bring with him on flights!

3.5. An empty travel bag of medium or large size

The Wanderlust empty bag is designed like a tube and has a big capacity that can accommodate between 7 and 10 kg of luggage. The bag has a convenient design that includes one large, roomy compartment inside and two small, zippered compartments on the front and back that can hold documents, headphones, wallets, charging cords, and keys.  Convenient to use in hand carry, shoulder bag, and luggage compartment on all types of aircraft.


3.6. Travel backpack can hold clothes

For more convenience, you can choose a travel backpack to take on the plane, check out Jamlos's Pocket Backpack. The backpack is designed with a zipper, and the width of the hips can be adjusted with the press of a button. Inside there is 1 large compartment, 1 separate compartment to fit a 15.6" laptop, and 1 small compartment, and the outside includes 2 small front compartments and 2 small side compartments with stickers.

Travel backpack

Comes with a small tote bag

If you don't need to bring too many things on the plane, Jamlos' Everyday Summer Tote S, Slogan Tote S tote bag is a reasonable choice. Although small but powerful, the bag includes 1 sub-compartment and 1 main compartment that can hold a phone, passport, headphones, books, iPad, or other basic small-sized items.

small tote bag

Or with a laptop crossbody bag

The Briefcase laptop bag is for those who often have to use laptops and iPads when flying. The bag combined with a detachable crossbody strap and compartmentalized design helps solve the arrangement of work documents - personal belongings and the need to move a lot of active young people.

laptop crossbody baglaptop crossbody bag

If the plane has no space left in the carry-on baggage compartment right next to your seat, and you don't want to leave it too far from your seat, you can refer to the following method:

Method number 1: You can put your bag under the seat opposite your seat. Besides, you can prioritize choosing a seat next to the window, to have space under your feet on the side next to the window.

carry-on baggage

Method number 2: A canvas travel bag will become a pillow when you can hold it on your body. This is also an advantage of canvas bags.

4. What advantages does hand luggage made of canvas bags have over carry-on suitcases?

First, it will help you save weight. Instead of using a suitcase that can weigh 2kg-3kg, a canvas travel bag only weighs less than 1kg.

Next, compared to standard carry-on suitcases, canvas travel bags will be simpler to handle and fit into the high luggage compartment. A canvas shoulder bag or carry-on bag is more compact than a suitcase, which will require a lot of work to drag off the aircraft.


Finally, when there is a situation where the luggage compartment runs out of space, the compact size of the canvas travel bag will be able to be placed under your feet or held on your body.

5. Tips for calculating carry-on luggage with the required number of kilograms and number of pieces

Small carry-on bags or shoulder bags are not required to be included in the total weight of carry-on baggage.

Calculation Tips

You can fold a canvas handbag inside your carry-on suitcase to help you organize your personal belongings on the plane so you do not bring more than two carry-on items or overpack when you check-in. You can remove the cloth bag to store the items you will need at your seat when you board the aircraft after checking in through the security gate.

canvas handbags

With any luck, the information above has given you additional knowledge about what kind of luggage to pack for flights.