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10 styles of backpack you should know

10 styles of backpack you should know

A backpack is a necessary item for anyone who commutes to work or school. There is a wide variety of work backpack models and designs available on the market today. Let Jamlos help you choose a suitable work backpack by suggesting ten lovely designs in the article below if you are wondering about work backpack designs!

1. Backpack with laptop compartment

Individuals who work frequently have to use laptops. Consequently, selecting a backpack that has a laptop compartment is unquestionably crucial. Because laptops are a necessary office tool and are frequently used on a daily basis at work, backpacks with shockproof compartments are appropriate for professionals. You frequently have to move around when you get to work, and you could get bumped, dropped, or impacted by different environmental factors.

The shockproof compartment in the backpack helps protect your laptop from collisions, drops or other strong impacts. It can help you feel more secure when traveling and carrying your laptop with you in your daily work.

In addition to numerous pockets and a shockproof compartment, a laptop backpack will make it easier for you to keep your belongings organized while at work.  For this reason, people searching for a practical work backpack frequently choose backpacks with shockproof compartments.

The backpack has a laptop compartment

2. Canvas Backpack model to make a dome lid

The canvas backpack with a domed lid is a convenient and fashionable product, with spacious storage capacity and better protection of belongings, helping you be ready for your work when you have to move many places during the day.

For people whose jobs necessitate frequent travel, the Jamlos Goodie Backpack canvas work backpack is a great option. The Goodie Backpack has a large capacity and numerous small compartments that make it easy for users to arrange personal items and belongings. In addition, the backpack has a shockproof compartment specifically for laptops and can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches in size. Despite its large and wide size, the domed backpack is designed to be light, allowing users to easily move and carry.

Canvas work backpack can hold a 16 inch laptop

Water Backpack is also an indispensable item for canvas backpacks for work with Jamlos' domed lid design.

Convenient canvas backpack

You may not be aware of this, but the Goodie and Water Cross backpacks have a special feature that allows for easier use: the water compartment is located on the outside of the bag.

3. Square backpack model

A square backpack for fans of small size. For individuals who commute to work, the square-shaped backpack can accommodate essentials like an A4 notebook, 14" laptop, and office supplies.

Square backpacks that are appropriate for work come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs nowadays. 

Square backpack for work

We can not overlook the Pocket backpack, which is Jamlos' best-selling square canvas work backpack. A multipurpose bag that can be used for business, education, or leisure. Featuring modern interior design and practical features for your use. At the top of the backpack there is a zipper, the width of the hips can be adjusted by pressing a button. The inside is designed with 1 large compartment and 1 separate compartment with a shockproof layer that fits a 15.6" laptop and 1 small compartment. On the outside of the bag, to optimize storage, the Pocket has 2 small side compartments and 2 small compartments. The pocket on the outside has a sticker. In addition, Pocket also has a Pocket Mini version for those with a petite figure.

Laptop Backpack

A 14-inch laptop can fit in this square work backpack.

4. Canvas backpack in a rectangular shape

A rectangular backpack will help you get back to your roots. Their popularity is evident in both the past and the present. They are modern, have a big capacity, a straightforward design, and go well with a wide range of age groups and fashion tastes. As a result, it is the ideal option for everyone.

On the market, there are 2 rectangular backpack designs that are still popular.

Vertical rectangular backpack: This backpack can be placed in any position without requiring you to lean against a wall or place it on a flat surface because it can stand alone.  Additionally, the vertical rectangular backpack will hug your shoulders when worn, which will facilitate movement. 

Rectangular laptop backpack

While more common than vertical rectangular backpacks, horizontal rectangular backpacks are still in demand. But it's still very popular.

Rectangular laptop backpack for work

5. Mini Backpack model

For individuals who do not frequently need to bring a laptop to work. This work backpack is the perfect size to accommodate small items like notebooks, pens, and headphones, without being overly large like other laptop backpacks.

Mini backpack

With many different materials, colors and shapes, mini work backpacks are popular among office workers.

Suggesting a compact work backpack from the Jamlos family: Outing

Both work and play can be done with it thanks to its body-hugging, compact design. Fits an A4 size/14 laptop, and has one large compartment and one small compartment with a light shockproof layer inside. With one box compartment and one small compartment with a zipper cover, the exterior is optimally designed. 

Convenient backpack

6. Criteria for choosing the right backpack for work

On the market, there are many types of work backpacks with many diverse designs and designs. To choose a convenient work backpack that suits your needs, you need to consider the criteria below!

Firstly, consider material criteria. Because it plays an important role in product quality. Currently, there are two materials commonly used in the production of work backpacks, including Nylon (Polyester) fabric and canvas fabric.

Polyester: This fabric has many advantages compared to traditional fabrics such as not absorbing oil and not absorbing moisture. Therefore, 100% nylon fabric is often considered to have good water resistance.

Polyester fabric material in backpack production

Canvas: Canvas fabric is highly appreciated for its durability and thickness. This is a type of fabric that has good water resistance and a reasonable price. Canvas is useful not only for making work backpacks but also for making work-appropriate tote bags. Get out and go to work or school! 

Canvas materials in backpack’s producing

Next, about the interior criteria, specifically the storage compartment. To serve the requirements of the office environment, work backpacks require compartments for each purpose. Inside the backpack, the small compartments are arranged reasonably, with a separate laptop compartment integrated. The fabric foam is thick, creating comfort and safety for the device, and avoiding scratches and impacts.

The interior of the laptop backpack is convenient

Strap: This is a crucial factor that you should not overlook. You can lessen impact weight and improve comfort when wearing the strap. In addition, a layer of soft fabric foam should be incorporated into the strap to make it comfortable to wear and aid in gravity reduction.

Recently, Jamlos suggested convenient work backpack models and criteria to choose the right work backpack for you. If you are looking for a local brand of canvas backpacks for work at a reasonable price, you can refer to Jamlos' website!