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8 points to choose crossbody bags for men

8 points to choose crossbody bags for men

On the market today, there are many types of men's crossbody bags for you to choose from to serve your daily needs for going to school and work. However, to choose the most suitable bag for yourself, you need to consider the following 10 core factors when deciding to buy yourself a canvas bag. Let's take a look at these factors with Jamlos. 

1. Crossbody bag material

1.1. Leather crossbody bag

Leather is regarded as one of the original materials for fashion accessories, particularly wallets and handbags for both sexes. Popular genuine leather bag materials are derived from over 24 animal species, with cows, buffalos, goats, crocodiles, sheep, and ostriches being common sources.

leather bag

Advantages of leather: 

  • Natural origin
  • Excellent flexibility, robustness, and bearing capacity
  • Sleek and sophisticated over the years

Disadvantages of leather:

  • High price
  • Requires maintenance and attention, as well as certain tools, for leather
  • Full-grain leather bags are heavier than other materials

1.2. Synthetic leather bag

Many consumers prefer synthetic leather, sometimes referred to as PU (Polyurethane) leather, over leather derived from wild animals. In order to help PU leather stretch and become more waterproof, this material—which is composed of both natural and synthetic fibers—is coated with an outer layer of flexible polymer during the processing phase.

Synthetic leather bag

Advantages of synthetic leather:

  • Good scratch resistance
  • Good water resistance
  • Easy to preserve
  • Environmental friendliness

Disadvantages of synthetic leather:

  • May peel off after long-term use
  • Limited softness; not as soft as genuine leather
  • The level of elasticity is still limited

1.3. Canvas bag

In ancient times, hemp fabric was the source of canvas fabric, commonly referred to as burlap fabric. As the textile industry has grown, canvas fabric has been mixed and matched with a wide range of other materials, including synthetic fibers, cotton and linen fibers, and linen. Canvas is a versatile material that is used extensively in wallets, crossbody bags, tote bags, and backpacks due to its extreme durability.

Due to its high applicability, which makes it appropriate for frequent moving activities, canvas fabric is frequently very popular. Furthermore, a lot of young people search for canvas bags, particularly canvas crossbody bags or tote bags, due to their stylish, up-to-date designs that blend in with a variety of common fashion themes, including going to work, school, or going out with friends.

canvas bag

Advantages of canvas fabric:

  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Maintains color well even in harsh weather
  • It is simple to mix different materials to improve their resistance to fire, water, and mold.
  • Easy to clean when dirty
  • Light material
  • Environmental friendliness
  • A variety of colors that fit various aesthetic requirements

Disadvantages of canvas fabric:

  • Due to its increased thickness, canvas takes longer to dry than silk or cotton fabrics.
  • Do not carry sharp objects or heavy loads.

2. Crossbody bag color

The user's preferences, personality, line of work, and the regular scenarios in which the crossbody bag is used all often have an impact on the color choice.

2.1. Color neutral

Neutral colors such as black, white, brown, cream, and dark blue are often popular and safe choices for users because they can be used in most situations and do not contrast too much with accompanying accessories.

If you are choosing a birthday gift or for a special occasion for men, but you don't know their favorite color too well, a neutral men's crossbody bag will be a good choice. suitable for the recipient.

2.2. Bright color

Color schemes like red, green, and yellow—while less common than neutral hues—are preferred by young people who are dynamic, independent, like to stand out, or who just want to switch up their look.

For people who are bold, liberal, enjoy trying new things, and do not want to fit in, this will be a smart choice.

canvas crossbody bag

3. Usage of crossbody bags

3.1. Versatile

Men who regularly use canvas crossbody bags tend to emphasize the convenience that these bags provide, so they are frequently drawn to bags that can be used for work, school, or play.

Typically, these bags are used to carry books and A4 paper, as well as small to medium-sized documents and personal items like wallets.

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3.2. Specialized

If a man frequently carries and moves laptops or cameras, then specialized bags holding these items often have a significant influence in the decision to purchase a men's crossbody bag.

To help shape and protect the machine and lessen the effects of an impact, you should pay attention to the thick and soft foam shock-absorbing lining. To reduce hazards, the crossbody bag's exterior material must also be waterproof.

: canvas bag for camera

4. Main compartment inside the crossbody bag

Considered the heart of the bag, the space of the main compartment is where men's most essential items are stored, so a bag with a spacious main compartment is always a top priority.

You should also take into account whether there is any extra space in the main compartment to aid with item division and organization.

5. An additional pocket outside the crossbody bag

The men's crossbody bag has incredibly useful front, back, and side pockets that make it easy to access little things like wallets, phones, and car keys when you need them.

Many bags with anti-theft designs also have built-in secret compartments to help you easily store small items without fear of losing them.

crossbody bag for men

6. Crossbody bag with zipper

Zipper bags are more important than button bags because they can hold and store items without falling when you are moving.

Smooth zippers are essential for men's crossbody bags in order to facilitate easy opening and closing without snagging while in use.

canvas crossbody bag with zipper

7. Crossbody bag strap

While women's handbags require elegance and refinement, men's crossbody bags prioritize durability and have adjustable strap lengths to fit a variety of body shapes. As a result, it is crucial to have a bag with straps that can be shortened or lengthened.

Besides, you should pay attention to the material of the strap and the softness of the fabric to avoid causing injury when rubbing your shoulder frequently.

Depending on the design, men's crossbody bags can have removable straps and turn into a handbag when needed.

men's crossbody bag handle

8. Crossbody bag protection

The warranty is one feature of men's crossbody bags that you should not ignore. Purchasing an authentic product with warranty and after-sales care will make you feel more secure about your purchases, even though it is typically less likely that new products will have technical issues caused by the manufacturer.

Jamlos currently offers a lifetime warranty on the majority of its products, so you can shop with confidence!