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What is a local brand? A checklist of 5 points a local brand should have

What is a local brand?

The term "local brand" has gained popularity among young people recently, particularly the Gen Z generation who are big fans of street style. Join Jamlos to discover more about a local company and the standards to assist you in picking the appropriate attire to go out in public with a local brand crossbody bag!

What is a local brand?

The idea of a local brand is thought to refer to domestic brands that are created, manufactured, and consumed locally. Many Vietnamese local companies are increasingly expanding their reach to be able to sell countrywide in order to suit the dynamic consumer needs.

Although when local brands are mentioned, many people instantly think of clothing, this idea may be applied to many different industries, including footwear, handbags, and cosmetics.

The designs of local Vietnamese brands often have unique characteristics of each brand, making them stand out from conventional booths to quickly reach Gen Z - younger generation customers.

The difference between local brands and traditional stores

Sometimes some customers confuse local brands with regular fashion brands due to similar product display properties.

However, while traditional fashion stores often import goods from many different sources with a variety of styles, the products of real local brands are a whole process of ideas and design as 2D & 3D, shape, color, and material selection, then self-produce, distribute to the market and do product advertising and communication activities.

Accordingly, you can imagine that local brand founders are very passionate about their products to bring a unique, creative style.

Legal status of local brand

In addition, to become a true Vietnamese local brand, we must also mention the legal status and brand protection of that local brand. In other words, a Vietnamese local brand needs to register its brand at a state agency with the brand copyright granted to the company or inventor who established the brand.

This helps local brands differentiate themselves from imported brands in the eyes of consumers and meets the necessary legal requirements.

Current fields for local brands

  • Local brand clothing

In recent years, finding local clothing companies with well-known names like Coolmate, Rustea, Tee SWE, Citee, and 5theway hasn't been challenging. These regional brands each have distinctive colors and designs, allowing the wearer to exhibit their individuality.

Among them, the local brand Rustea is loved by many young people pursuing the minimalist style. With a minimalist style and airy linen material, Rustea focuses on comfort, and lightness to promote the spirit of freedom, helping the wearer to always be themselves and express their personality in every situation.

Local brand clothing

Local brand clothing

  • Local brand shoes

With the criterion of promoting the message "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese products", many local shoe brands have made a breakthrough.

If we consider a long-standing local brand, we cannot help but mention Biti's with the Biti's Hunter product line combined with singer Son Tung MTP that young people love. Biti's also joined hands with Soobin Hoang Son in the project "Going to Return" and other artists to produce collections that demonstrate the class of a market-leading local brand.

And if you are interested in local youth shoe brands, then a local brand “MỘT” is a shoe brand that defines its minimalist style in the hearts of young Vietnamese consumers. When mentioning this brand, consumers will think of the minimalist, rustic yet versatile design that this product brings.

Local brand shoes

  • Local brand handbags

Local brand handbags are also sought after by young people to match their daily outfits. In particular, the local brand crossbody bag line made from canvas is popular with students because of its youthful design, versatility, reasonable price, and suitability for both school purposes and walking around with friends.

Jamlos is also very pleased to participate in this local brand crossbody bag category. With the goal of bringing convenience to young people's daily activities, we have launched many collections and diverse product lines besides crossbody bags, such as canvas backpacks, tote bags, and accessories... giving you more practical options.

Local brand handbags

Local brand handbags

5 criteria when choosing a local brand

Top 5 criteria you need to know when choosing a local brand

  • Special design

A distinctive design aesthetic that conveys the personality of the brand is one of the requirements that must be stressed.

Local brands should focus on developing distinctive design elements that will remind consumers of a particular aesthetic every time they think about the company.

  • Reasonable price

This is the second criterion that you cannot ignore when shopping for local brand products.

Compared to imported brands, the price of local brands will be lighter. However, this does not mean cheap products because brands need to balance product quality and reasonable prices for customers.

It will be difficult to give a specific price, but in general, the average price of local band fashion brands will be around 300,000 - 500,000 VND for each local brand shirt or pants, and a crossbody bag for school should cost about 250,000 - 500,000 VND, the average shoe price is about 400,000 - 1,000,000 VND which is stable.

Reasonable price

  • Quality products

In addition, product quality should be emphasized when you shop for any item. Not only in terms of design, the way a brand chooses garment materials, cuts and sews, and stitches on each product also speaks to the standards and professionalism of that brand.

  • Update trends

This seems to be an indispensable thing for any local brand to attract and retain customers, especially to keep up with the current rapid pace of changing trends among young people.

To do that, it requires brands to always update trends to launch new collections that hit the trending tastes that their customer base is targeting.

  • Suitable for the user's body shape

This is extremely important because it will be difficult for local brands to attract customers if the shape is not suitable for the consumer market.

Solving this problem will help domestic brands have an advantage over international brands from Europe or America, whose sizes are often larger than those of Vietnamese people.