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10 applications of tote bags in daily life

10 applications of tote bags in daily life

Tote bags are a fashion accessory widely known to users because of the convenience and versatility it bring. With simple designs and diverse colors, tote bags can "balance" many different fashion styles. Join Jamlos to find out why tote bags are so applicable in life!

Canvas Tote bag

1. Use fabric Tote bags to store things

Fabric Tote bag for storage

Fabric tote bags have been widely used in recent years because of their environmentally friendly properties, which are different from other plastic bags on the market. Not only that, this bag can also be reused many times and can hold many items. Whether it's food from the grocery store or fashionable clothes, Tote bags are durable and sturdy and allow you to move around with ease.

2. Use a fabric Tote bag to store books

A canvas tote bag is perfect for carrying books because it is the standard size and can hold your laptop and notepads.  With creative design and decoration ideas, bags are a simple way to express your personal style.

Jamlos has many tote bag models with many different unique designs for you to choose from. 

Jamlos Leather Strap Tote - A perfect combination of natural canvas and heavy-duty leather in a tote bag. 

Jamlos Leather Strap Tote

With Saigon on one side and Hanoi on the other of the same bag, Jamlos' SGHN Tote bag - "SAIGON" & "HANOI" tote bag captures the stories of bags that have traveled far but are now edging closer to one another.  

Jamlos SGHN Tote bag

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3. Use a canvas tote bag as a beach bag

Jamlos SGHN Tote bag

The canvas bag, which is perfect for beach vacations, will let you store all the essentials like towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other items.

4. Use a canvas tote bag as a picnic bag

If you want to take your family on a picnic but don't want to carry bulky items like large and bulky baskets, a canvas bag is a suitable choice.

Canvas picnic bag

If your bag is big enough, you can fit everything you need for a picnic, including blankets, tents, clothing, and other necessities. Alternatively, you could put food in a tiny canvas bag. Additionally, eating is very practical.

5. Use a fabric Tote bag when going to the gym

Canvas bags make practical accessories and are ideal for storing sporting goods in daily life. The medium-sized tote bag allows you to carry water bottles and towels to the gym or on a walk.

Canvas picnic bag

6. Use a fabric tote bag to style a potted plant

Canvas plant bag

If you enjoy caring for indoor plants, why not try updating the planter and adding a tote bag to your room to give it a chic feel? By chopping off the handles, you can recycle unused cotton or canvas tote bags and use them as accents for your potted plants.

7. Recycle fabric Tote bags to make pillowcases

Recycled canvas pillowcase

Due to their numerous reusability opportunities, but only for a limited time, canvas bags are environmentally friendly in daily life. We can make individualized pillowcases out of canvas bags that are damaged or worn. With this concept, we can reuse and recycle bags that contain a lot of sentimental value without having to throw them away.

8. Transform a fabric tote bag into an apron

Recycled apron from Canvas fabric

You can do some weekend activities with your kids by sewing aprons from fabric tote bags. Large canvas bags are the perfect choice for kitchen apron sewing ideas. With just a pair of scissors, needle thread, and some decorative colored fabric, you can have a cute apron for your home that will preserve happy moments with your family.

9. Use fabric Tote bags to promote the company image

Canvas tote bags are used by businesses as gifts for customers, and partners, as packaging for business products, etc. Through printing content, style, and canvas bag design, businesses can solve problems. Solve the problem of increasing revenue as well as spreading the corporate brand image widely in the community.

Business gift tote bag

10. Use fabric Tote bags as gifts

Fabric Tote bag as a gift

Canvas tote bags are among the gift product categories that are affordable, appropriate for students, and versatile. As gifts for our loved ones, we can specifically order the design we want or proactively print or draw decorative patterns on the bags.

Fabric tote bags are a popular accessory that people use daily for a variety of purposes. Jamlos listed 10 everyday uses for tote bags in the article above. Additionally, if you have any other creative uses for tote bags, please share them with us!